Canned Lions
Lions that save lions.

Get over the Cannes Lion you didn’t win. Canned Lions sounds like Cannes Lions.
The difference is that it tries to stop the canned hunting of lions.
There might be another ad agency who strives to win awards behind this, but we’re doing it the other way around. We sell Lions. To save lions. And if we ever win a Cannes Lions in 2017 with this campaign, we’ll not only share the pride, but also the actual award, because we credit everyone who buys a Canned Lion.

Canned Lions is the first Lion anyone can achieve while saving real lions.
We want the marketing and advertising community, prone to support causes for awards, to stand up for CACH, Campaign Against Canned Hunting, through an award. Canned hunting is a shameful practice that commodifies animals and is perpetrated for money at the expenses of everyone.
Support CACH: buy an award and you’ll be in the credits list of this campaign at the next Cannes Lions in 2017.

You buy an award, your money funds CACH

CACH embarks in a legal battle against canned hunting

We make a case history about this campaign

You are in the credits list at Cannes Lions 2017



Now you can save lions through Lions.

Make Canned Lions the award that spreads awareness on canned hunting.
Tell everyone about it.



When wild animals are raised in captivity and freed in closed environments to be killed for trophy collections, we are facing canned hunting.

It is the result of a failure of government policy and is ferociously defended by wealthy vested interests. Canned hunting can only be abolished by a sustained campaign to raise awareness, to change the South African policy and to ban the import of lion and predator trophies in other countries.

CACH is widely researching the effects of canned hunting and debunking the myth of it being in any way sustainable. Yet a stronger action must be taken.

All sources of income of the canned hunting industry (that also consist of cub petting and even volunteer work) need to be challenged to cut off the supply of money and shut the industry down.

Go to CACH’s website

Canned Lions 2016 at Cannes Lions 2017
They bought our Lion, they might win the Lion.