A 10x12 cm serigraphed tin can.
The can may seem empty, but it actually contains the same scent of success shared by an original Cannes Lions. Each item will be shipped starting from September due to production times. Hurrying has no blessing.
Canned Lions is a campaign that will be entered at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2017. Everyone who buys a gold, silver or bronze Canned Lion is granted the right to be included in the credits list of this project and may win a real Cannes Lion.

If you wish NOT to be included, tell us at award@canned-lions.com
Payments are processed directly through CACH’s premises.
The agency does not get any fee.
Because it is inhumane. It is unsportsmanlike. And because it is based upon false myths.
It does not support conservation and it does not raise the employment rate.
There are two ways depending on the amount of money raised: funding research to debunk the myths and uncover the interests behind the shameful futility of canned hunting. Or hopefully, to fund a legal act through the South African constitutional court in order to rule out canned hunting. It would be a revolutionary action against hunting lobbies worldwide and against the few wealthy that dispose of wildlife like it was their own.
The lion is a symbol of African wildlife. We needed a pun to make the campaign relevant while raising awareness on the commodification of those animals bred to be killed through canned hunting.
Find out everything about CACH, Campaign Against Canned Hunting, here: www.cannedlion.org